Best Eco-Friendly Baby Products 2023

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The complete list of every eco-friendly, organic, natural baby products, that every environmentally conscious parent must-have.

The average baby generates an average of 58.6 tons of CO2- equivalent emissions per year. If you think about it, this should come as no surprise, as babies require so many specialty products that they quickly outgrow. By choosing the most sustainable, eco-friendly baby products available, we can do our part to reduce the footprint our little loved one leaves on the planet.

Below you will find the most comprehensive product list of all the best eco-friendly baby products by the best environmentally friendly companies.

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Organic Baby Clothes

Any eco friendly baby products list must start with clothing. After all, it is touching your baby almost all day. The purchase of organic clothes for newborns and infants is a popular choice among parents today.

This is because organic clothing is composed of non-toxic, chemical-free organic cotton, it is a safer choice to wear against newborns’ delicate skin.

When your baby wears organic clothing, his skin isn’t absorbing potentially dangerous substances like the formaldehyde-emitting fire retardant included in many children’s pajamas, PVC, petrochemicals, or esters that are present in synthetic fibers and have been related to health issues including cancer.

A few amazing companies are focused on providing top-quality, sustainable baby clothing. One of the most environmentally conscience baby clothing companies is moncoeur.

Moncoeur was developed to meet the demand for baby comfort without harming the environment. The company uses 100% recycled-content fabrics, labels, and embroidery. The zippers and buttons used on items are also made from recycled materials.

Additionally, Mon Coeur has worked with 1 % For the Planet, which promotes beach and ocean cleanups, plants trees, and aids communities who are disproportionately impacted by climate change. The company also has a program that upcycles worn garments to cut down on waste.

white baby onesie with blue whale. made from recycled materials.

Plastic Free Seas Bodysuit

Not only adorable but this soft, cozy onesie is also made from reclaimed and recycled fibers. The labels are even made from 100% recycled polyester from up-cycled plastic bottles.

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Organic Baby Formula

Next on our eco-friendly baby products list is baby formula. One of the most important—and not always simple—decisions that new parents must make is what they feed their infant. If you decide to use a formula, the available choices could seem daunting.

Even though there are many different formula kinds and brands to pick from, understanding the different formula ingredients and determining what constitutes a truly high-quality formula can be difficult.

If you want to keep your baby free of synthetic ingredients and GMO’s, organic baby formula is the way to go. Not all organic baby food is created equal. In fact, European countries have much higher standards when it comes to organic products and HiPP leads the way.

Their great quality of milk comes from Biodynamic farms, where happy, relaxed, free-range cows are raised without chemical or synthetic agents. Your baby will taste the difference in the quality of this milk.

You are looking at a formula that is close to breast milk, but also that contributes to plant protection and soil for a sustainable planet for your child’s future.

HiPP constantly exceeds EU guidelines when it comes to Biodynamic farming and offers a healthy and sustainable baby formula choice


Hipp organic baby formula
  • 600g in each box
  • Makes 150 fluid ounces of prepared formula
  • Suitable for 0 to 6 months as a breast milk replacement or supplement
  • Biodynamic, 100% organic certified formula
  • Gluten-free and starch-free
  • No Added Soy, Wheat, Nuts
  • Natural Lactic Acid Cultures
  • Gluten and Soy-free
  • Biodynamic and 100% organic certified

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Eco Friendly Diapers

Possibly the most impactful purchases we can make when choosing which eco-friendly baby products to buy is diapers. The average baby will use 5,000-6,000 diapers until the time they are potty trained, that is a lot of poopy diapers.

To be more specific, every year 3.3 million tons of diapers are disposed of in landfills. The conventional disposable diaper is made with synthetic, environmentally hazardous components that take up to 500 years to decompose.

Luckily, there are eco-friendly alternatives that can minimize the negative environmental impact we cause. The eco-friendly diaper alternatives can be broken down into 3 broad categories: sustainable disposable, cloth, and hybrid.

You can get all the details of the pros and cons of each category of eco-friendly diapers, as well as an extensive curated product list from the most sustainable companies here. One of my personal favorites is the Thirsties Naturals Once Size All in One. Made in the USA from organic cotton and help, this diaper has a customizable fit and can fit babies from 8lbs-40lbs.

Thirsties Naturals One Size All In One

cloth organic baby diaper
  • So easy. Goes on in one simple step. All in one cloth diapers couldn’t be easier.
  • Natural Super Absorbency. Organic cotton and hemp / cotton provide the absorbency. Thirsties Natural diaper is very absorbent. Great for overnight or long car trips.
  • Waterproof. A waterproof outer layer plus gentle elastic around the legs and waist protect against leaks.
  • Stay-dry. A microfleece layer against the skin leaves baby feeling dry.
  • Stylish prints and solid colors.
  • Snaps Choose snaps for indestructibility.

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Organic Baby Wipes

While changing the 5,000 to 6,000 diapers you will have to change before your child is potty trained, you will go through 2 or 3 times as many baby wipes. This adds up to a big, negative environmental impact if you choose to use normal baby wipes.

Normal baby wipes contain chemicals that may irritate your babies sensitive skin, and also paper that is contributing to deforestation and synthetic fibers that release micro plastics into the environment.

The most eco-friendly choice is organic cotton reusable baby wipes. Reusable baby wipes aren’t always the most convenient option, so if you are going to use disposable wipes, it’s important to choose the ones that will have the least environmental impact.

Caboo Tree-Free Baby Wipes are made of bamboo fibers from areas where pandas do not eat. Fast-growing bamboo grows back in 3 years, rather than 30 years for most trees.

They are over 99% naturally derived and biodegradable and compostable. These are some of the most affordable eco-friendly wipes on the market, so we had to include them on our best eco friendly baby product list.

Caboo Tree-Free Baby Wipes

White box of Eco-Friendly bamboo baby wipes.
  • Gentlest clean that’s 99.3% naturally derived and 97.5% water
  • Safely unscentd
  • Naturally softer & stronger than regular wipes
  • XL size for the biggest caboos

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Organic Baby Toys

Babies grow and develop so quickly, and they need toys to stimulate them at their level. This makes the lifespan that a toy is useful to a baby very short.

One option to reduce our waste is finding quality second-hand toys. If you are going to buy new toys, choosing toys made sustainably, from non-toxic materials is the eco-concise choice.

Many baby toys contain single-use plastic, polyurethane foam, and vinyl just to name a few. These materials are not biodegradable and often contain formaldehyde, bisphenols, lead, pesticides, and PVC.

As we know, your baby puts everything in their mouth. The last thing I want in my baby’s mouth are toys with traces of toxic chemicals.

One popular, environmentally friendly company is finn+emma. Their toys are non-toxic, eco-friendly baby products, and ethically made with organic cotton and wood.

Eco-Friendly baby toy
  • untreated Indian hardwood
  • stains and lacquers used as finishing on frame are free of lead, phthalate, nickel, mercury, and VOCs
  • G.O.T.S. certified 100% organic cotton knit
  • Hand-knit at an artisanal women’s collaborative in Peru
  • non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes & wax

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Eco-Friendly Baby Crib

No eco-friendly baby products list would be complete without covering baby cribs. One of the most important, and expensive, purchases that we will make for our babies, is their crib. Babies spend the majority of their day, 14 to 18 hours, sleeping. The last thing we want to do is set them inside a toxic crib.

Many cribs contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals that are released into the air as gases and can escape from cribs. These are extremely dangerous inside, especially for young children. Direct contact with the crib, such as when your child chews on it, can make this worse.

One amazingly green company is Bloom. Started by 4 dads, Bloom not only constructs their cribs using American birch wood from sustainable forests, but they also have ethical and green business practices. They offer spare parts for all of their products, and they only contain compostable or recyclable materials.

Although their cribs are a bit more expensive than some of the cheap, toxic, competitors, they are adjustable and can accommodate children from birth to 5 years old.

Considering you only need to buy one bed for your child from birth to age 5 and the high quality of the bed, will make it easy to sell or re-gift once your child finally outgrows it, the Bloom crib is a great value and a must add to our best eco-friendly baby products list.

Alma Papa Convertible Folding Crib by Bloom

Sustainably made crib
  • Patented-fold and smaller foot print– includes 4 lockable castors wheels which allow it to slide through a standard size door for room-to-room mobility.
  • Solid wood construction– made from solid American beech wood sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Baby safe– as well as passing all CPSC and ATSM standards, we use only low voc baby safe finishes, formaldehyde-free and mdf free.
  • No tool assembly– patented no-tools-required assembly. 5-minute setup.

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Organic Baby Shampoo

If you’ve ever read the ingredient list for a commercial baby shampoo, you’ll notice that there are many different chemicals, some of which are quite unsettling. Detergents, phthalates, perfumes, and parabens are among the compounds found in conventional shampoo, including the kinds made for infants. Even “tear-free” shampoos may include preservatives that release formaldehyde.

The labeling can sometimes be tricky, they will often say ‘made with certified organic ingredients’ but are not 100% organic. Luckily for you, we have researched the ingredients of countless organic baby shampoos so you don’t have to, you can read the full list here.

Ethique is the world’s first zero waste and most sustainable lifestyle beauty brand. Not only are All of their products 100% plastic-free, certified vegan, cruelty-free & palm-oil free, but they also use biodegradable ingredients and compostable packaging so all of their solid bars leave no trace on the environment.

We just love to add companies that consider their environmental impact in all stages of production and distribution to our best eco friendly baby product list.

Ethique Shampoo for Little Ones

organic baby shampoo. Made by the a zero waste and sustainable lifestyle brand. Made with 100% plastic-free, certified vegan, cruelty-free & palm-oil free.
  • Mission: to rid the world of plastic waste while offering our customers 100% sustainable, ethically sourced products, made from natural and effective ingredients. Better for you. Better for the planet.
  •  Products are super concentrated so by switching to beauty bars, you’re saving plastic bottles going to landfill.
  • Ethique is New Zealand’s highest scoring BCorp as well as a carbon neutral and living wage employer.

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Organic Baby Bibs

Keeping an adequate stock of bibs is a necessity for parents and a necessary add to our best eco-friendly baby products list. Babies often end up wearing more than they end up eating.

To protect their adorable clothes, we need high-quality bibs. With the amount of time our babies wear bibs, we should insure they are made with organic materials.

Purchasing recycled products has many benefits for our planet. It protects the environment by using fewer resources and reusing products that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Recycled plastic bottles use 2/3 the energy it is used to make a new one.

It also supports environmentally responsible companies such as EarthHero. Earthhero makes this waterproof baby bib from recycled polyester from post-consumer plastics. The adorable whales printed on the bib will thank you for helping to keep plastic out of their stomachs.

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Organic Baby Yogurt

Once your baby is 4-8 months old, after consulting your pediatrician, it might be time to introduce yogurt into their diets. Yogurt is nutrient dense and packed full of probiotics. This is an exciting step in your babies path to solid foods.

Many yogurts have a long list of unhealthy ingredients for our little ones such as: sugar, fructose, modified corn starch, fructose, carob bean gum, lactic acid and sodium citrate.  

Luckily, there are many healthy, organic baby yogurts to choose from. Nancy’s organic whole milk yogurt is a fantastic choice for our bundle of joy and the environment. It contains only simple ingredients we can trust; organic milk and live yogurt cultures.

Organic Nancy’s Probiotic Whole Milk Yogurt

Organic probiotic whole milk yogurt container.
  • 41+ billion probiotics per serving
  • USDA certified organic
  • Non GMO Verified
  • Made with whole milk from pasture raised cow

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Eco-Friendly Baby Strollers

When it comes to eco friendly baby product decisions, choosing the right stroller is one of the major ones. Choosing a stroller that converts to a car seat is a great way to reduce waste.

Baby strollers come in a wide range of qualities and price points. If you opt for a cheaper option, you are running the risk of it breaking and needing a replacement.

The crème de la crème of baby strollers is the Bugaboo brand. The exceptional quality and the ability to buy replacement parts, makes this a buy it for life product.

If you plan on having multiple children, this stroller should last for all of them. If you are planning on one and done, this stroller should have good resale value or be a great gift for a friend.

Bugaboo is a very forward thinking, environmentally friendly brand. They have a goal of zero carbon emissions by 2035. All of their polyester is made from recycled PET bottles. They also closely monitor their supply chain to make sure they aren’t contributing to any modern slavery.

They also donate to products to hospitals to women’s shelters, SOS children’s villages to refugee camps and orphanages. Companies that sacrifice some profits for helping those less fortunate deserve special consideration on our best eco-friendly baby products list. This is a purchase you will feel good about for years to come.

Eco-Friendly baby stroller. Black stroller basinet combo by bugaboo brand. High quality construction makes it a buy it for life product.

Bugaboo Fox 3 bassinet and seat stroller

  • Innovative ergonomic design for ultimate comfort while supporting your baby’s development. ​​
  • Unmatched maneuverability with one fingertip push to take on life’s twists and turns​
  • Optimally sized wheels for always comfortable, bump-free rides
  • Exciting new style options to customize your stroller with fashionable color combinations and premium detailing

Natural Baby Lotion

Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. It is vital to keep their skin moisturized but using the wrong moisturizer can have adverse effects and cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Some common ingredients used in moisturizers that we want to avoid putting on our little ones are fragrances, synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and sulfates.

Earth Mama Sweet Orange Baby Lotion none of the aforementioned irritants, only the good stuff. Dermatologists tested and made with organic herbs and oils, it is gentle on your baby’s skin and an easy add to our best eco friendly baby product list.

Natural baby lotion. Sweet orange baby lotion by earth mama. Dermatologist tested  and made with organic ingredients.

Earth Mama Sweet Orange Baby Lotion

  • BPA-Free
  • Certified Cruelty Free
  • Formulated without Parabens
  • Formulated without Sulfates
  • Formulated without Triclosan
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan

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Organic Baby Carrier

Babies have a need to be held and everyone loves holding a baby. Being physically close to your baby aids in their development and helps create an important bond.

We would love to sit and hold our baby in our arms all day long, but unfortunately, we have to remain productive while we nurture our babies. Thankfully, baby carriers exist so that we can bond with our little ones while living our lives.

There are many considerations when choosing the best baby carrier for you. The first consideration is making sure it is safe and ergonomic for both the baby and the caregiver. If using a lower-quality carrier that isn’t in a good ergonomic position, you are risking your baby developing hip dysplasia and your caregiver developing lumbar issues.

One of the most trusted brands for baby carriers is Ergobaby. Not only are they safe and ergonomic, but they are made with oeko-tex standard 100 certified fabric, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals and materials.

All Ergobaby carriers come with the ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee. They also have an option to buy and sell used carriers through their Certified Pre-Loved program. One of the best ways to limit our environmental impact is by purchasing buy it for life products.

mother holding child in black ergonomic baby carrier.


Made to move, stretch, and fit your daily life, this first-of-its-kind carrier redefines comfort. Ultra-lightweight with built-in airflow and constructed from FormaKnit™ fabric for the ultimate fit.

  • Made from post-consumer recycled polyester, Aerloom is as good for the earth as it is your adventurous lifestyle
  • ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee

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We hope you enjoyed our best eco-friendly baby products list. We will be constantly adding and updating the list, so feel free to check back. If you know anyone else on the hunt for great non toxic baby products, please send them this article so that we can help save the planet, one eco friendly baby product at a time.

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