Best Organic Baby Gifts

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Whether you are looking for an organic baby gift for a baby shower, Christmas, a Birthday, or anything in between, our best organic baby gifts list has you covered.

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Is it time to get that baby in your life a gift and you don’t know what to get them? Easy, just ask them. What’s that? They can’t talk yet? Okay, just ask their parents what they need. Oh, you did and the parent wasn’t very specific or helpful?

Well you came to the right place to help generate some ideas, based on what the occasion is for and what you know about the baby or parents.

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Organic Baby Gifts for Baby Showers

This should be one of the easiest gifts to buy and to get useful intel from parents. They might already have a baby registry that you can browse, then just ask them, “out of the gifts you haven’t received yet, which would you most like?”

Either that or choose the most appropriate gift based on the price/how much I like you algorithm. These Items are usually more practical, must have things, rather than luxury items.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Those You Aren’t Extremely Close With

If you aren’t super close with someone but are invited to their baby shower, you probably don’t want to break the bank for their organic baby gift. Think about colleagues, second cousins, frienemies, etc.

Here are practical ideas that won’t break the bank and also won’t give them room to talk behind your back about how cheap you are.

Tommee Tippee brand non toxic baby bottle

Baby bottles make great organic baby gifts, because they are both inexpensive and practical. Because their lower price tag, you are putting yourself at risk of being gossiped about, unless you give them the top of the line baby bottle like Tommee Tippee brand.

Any environmentally friendly mother will appreciate the convertible design. These bottles can be reused as a food jar or open cup.

Tommee Tippee is also an extremely environmentally friendly company. They aim to be a zero-waste and eliminate all single use plastics by 2025. They plan on being a net carbon zero company by 2030.

If the parents know how much thought you put into the environmental impact of their organic baby gift purchase, they might let you off the hook off judgment for the $19.59 (at the time of writing this) price tag.

If you want to buy these Tommee Tippee baby bottles, Click Here.

If you would like to look at other non-toxic baby bottle options, click the link to see our a complete, in depth dive into the subject.

eco boom plant based diaper. Large box

If you want to buy something that will actually be used, diapers are a fair play. If you buy the cheap run on the mill diapers, that would make for a pretty crappy gift (pun intended).

But if you buy these top of the line, biodegradable, plant-based diapers, no judgements should be passed. These diapers from Eco Boom are fully biodegradable within 90 days, so they won’t rot away in a land fill like other diapers.

To buy these eco-friendly diapers, click here.

If you would like to search other great organic diaper options, including reusable diapers, click the link.

Organic Baby Shower Gifts For Loved Ones

If this baby shower gift is for a best friend or close family member and your finances allow it, you will need to spend some money to get them a memorable gift. Don’t worry, check out some of these fabulous ideas.

non toxic crib by babletto brand. green guard gold certified crib ensuring it is an eco friendly crib.

Babies will spend about two thirds of their time sleeping. Getting them a high quality, non-toxic crib is one of the best organic baby gifts you can get.

This Babyletto Peggy 3-in-1 crib will make any environmentally conscious parent happy. At a price tag of $599, it is a bit on the expensive, but superior quality does not come cheap.

It is made from sustainably sourced New Zealand pine wood and is Certified through the Forest Stewardship Council.

It is Green Guard Gold Certified, meaning it has been rigorously tested and is free from all harmful chemicals.

Babyletto has a number of social and environmental initiative they support. We won’t get into the details here, but if you want to read more about the company behind this magnificent crib or read our in depth dive into non-toxic baby cribs, click the link.

If you would like to purchase this crib, Click Here.

Organic Baby Gifts For Christmas

Organic baby clothes made of cotton. Christmas sweater by Hanna Andersson brand.

A Christmas sweater is a must have for any baby with a social schedule to tend to. This sweater is made by the most fashionable brand in the organic baby clothes industry, Hanna Andersson.

If you do not like this sweater, Hanna Andersson has licensed apparel from all of the big name, popular, Children’s franchises.

To Buy this sweater or shop the entire Hanna Andersson Collection, Click Here.

For other clothing ideas, you can read our in depth guide to organic baby clothes by clicking the link.

Two plush teddy bears by bears for humanity company. The safest teddy bears on the market. Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. No chemicals are used in the creation of these toys.

A plush teddy to snuggle is a comforting feeling of security that every baby deserves. That is why an eco-friendly teddy from Bears For Humanity makes a fantastic organic baby gift.

These teddy’s are made from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton and stuffed with organic corn PLA fibers. No chemicals are used while making these teddy’s, they are even dyed with vegetable pigments.

Bears For Humanity don’t only provide high quality, non-toxic teddy’s, they also give to those less fortunate. With every Teddy sold, they will donate one to a child in need.

You can shop Bears for Humanity by Clicking Here.

Organic Baby Gifts For Birthdays

Land of Dough brand natural play dough. The most eco friendly play dough on the planet.

Play dough is an all time classic. If you are looking for an organic baby gift, you can’t go wrong with the most eco-friendly dough on the planet.

Land of Dough’s, natural play dough uses compostable glitter and packaging, plant based colors, and ethically sourced ingredients. Each set even comes with a wood play tool that is sources sustainably.

To purchase Land of Dough’s Natural Play Dough, click the link.

Plan toys sustainable natural wood rocking horse.

Another classic children’s toy, that makes a fabulous organic baby gift, s a rocking horse. This isn’t an old run of the mill rocking horse.

The Palamino Rocking Horse, by Plan Toys, is made with superior quality and environmental protection in mind.

For starters, they use solar energy and biomass energy to power their factories. Through their Plan Loves Forests program, they have planted over 43,000 trees over the past 5 years.

They have many other environmental initiatives, that we won’t get into here, that make them an attractive company to the environmentally conscious consumer.

If you would like to read more about Plan Toys or many other eco-friendly toy producers, you can check out our full article on organic baby toys.

If you are interested in purchasing this amazing rocking horse, Click Here.


This concludes our organic baby gift article. We hope you were able to find what you were looking for. At the very least, hopefully this article sparked some ideas that will lead you to find the perfect organic baby present for the little one in your life.

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