Best Organic Baby Girl Clothes (2023)

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If you are looking for the cutest, organic, baby girl clothes, look no further. Pinks, princesses, flowers, women super hero’s, its all here.

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If you want to find beautiful, eco-friendly, clothes for baby girls or young girls, this is where you want to start your search. We have something for every occasion. Let’s not waste any time and jump right in.

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Organic Baby Girl Dresses

organic dress for baby girls

Any good organic baby girl clothes list should start with a dress. This pink flower dress, by Honest Baby Company, is perfect for spring picnics. Starting at a very affordable price, $15.32 at the time of writing this, it won’t break the bank.

Your money will be going to a very socially and environmentally responsible company as well. Honest Baby Company, which was founded by Jessica Alba, uses recycled materials in its packaging.

When people are in need, they step up to the call and deliver. They have given over 25 million personal care products and their employees have donated over 18,000 hours to various charities.

To buy this organic cotton dress, or shop the entire honest baby collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Girl Super Hero Clothes

organic baby girl clothes super hero, black widow.

Organic cotton baby girl clothing doesn’t have to be all flowers and princesses. Inspire your little one to fight back against those that oppose her quest for good, with these Black Widow pajamas by Hanna Andersson.

If you are looking for licensed apparel from the biggest children’s franchises, look no further than Hanna Andersson. Not only do they carry organic baby girl clothes with all of the popular characters, they also help make the world a better place for your child’s future.

They make their clothes durable, so they will last more than your child’s lifecycle. They are proud members of the Kidizen REWEARâ„¢ Collective, which is a marketplace for fashionable, second hand clothes.

Through Charities like Baby2Baby, Hanna Andersson gives back to those in need.

To buy these organic cotton black widow pajamas or shop the entire Hanna Andersson collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Girl Romper

This pink swan romper is made of 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton. Monica + Andy is the name the company that makes this organic baby girl beauty. They offer more than just eco-friendly baby clothes.

On their website, they offer many free and inexpensive courses to help us become better, more knowledgeable parents.

To buy this organic baby girl romper, or shop the entire Monica + Andy collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Girl Cardigan

Organic cotton baby girl clothes, cardigan.

If you want to keep your baby girl warm, yet fashionable, this organic cotton cardigan by Carters should do the trick. Carter’s brand is famous for their Osh Kosh B’gosh brand, this Cardigan is part of their Little Planet line.

Carter’s is moving towards being a more environmentally friendly company, led by their Little Planet line that features many great organic baby girl clothing options.

To buy this cardigan or shop the rest of the Little Planet by Carter’s line, Click Here.

Organic Baby Girl Flower Outfit

Baby Girl flower outfit made from organic cotton.

Every baby girl wardrobe isn’t complete without a beautiful flower outfit. This outfit, by Burt’s Bees, is made from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton. The flowers that inspired this design, would be in serious trouble if it wasn’t for organizations like Burt’s Bees.

Bee’s role as pollinators play a vital part in our ecosystem. Bee populations are declining at an alarming rate. Burt’s Bees saw this problem and swarmed into action, donating over 3.5 million to honey bee protection.

Supporting honey bees isn’t Burt’s Bees only environmental initiative. They also have landfill free operations, use recycling, and offset their water consumption through watershed restoration projects.

If you would like to buy this flower outfit or shop the rest of the Burt’s Bees collection, Click Here.

Baby Girl Eco Friendly Swimsuit

Baby Girl swimsuit made from recycled materials.

We had to include an adorable eco-friendly bathing suit in our best organic baby girl clothes list. Most of the others on our list are made from organic cotton, this baby girl bathing suit is actually made from recycled materials.

Ariel would approve of Hanna Andersson brand for choosing to use a 82% nylon/18% spandex recycled swim knit material.

If you would like to purchase this baby girl swimsuit or shop the entire Hanna Andersson collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Girl Bow Tie

Bow tie for babies made from organic cotton

Sometimes the organic baby girl outfit needs a little something to set it off, often that little something is a simple bow headband. These bowtie headbands, by L’oved Baby, are made of organic cotton and come in 18 different color combinations.

If you would like to shop these headbands or shop the entire L’oved Baby collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Girl Clothes Essentials

Pink baby girl sweatpants made from organic cotton.

Organic baby girl clothes don’t always need elaborate designs, sometimes we need the plain basics. These organic cotton sweatpants by Honest Baby are simple, yet elegant.

At $17.84, at the time of writing this, for a 2-pack, you can’t beat the price. They come in other color options that should suit the preference of even the most picky baby girl.

To buy these sweatpants or shop the entire Honest Baby collection, Click Here.

body suits for baby girls

Also from Honest baby, this 10-pack organic cotton bodysuits have every color under the baby girl clothes rainbow. Wear by themselves around the house, out on a hot day, or underneath her other favorite organic baby girl clothes.

To buy these bodysuits or shop the Honest Baby collection, Click Here.


Well that concludes our best organic baby girl clothes list. Hopefully you were able to find something to make your little girl happy, or at least start you down the right path.

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