Best Organic Baby Hats 2023

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If you are looking for the best organic baby hat for your baby, then hats off to you, you came to the right place. No matter what style of hat you are after, we have you covered.

Baby sleeping wearing an organic baby hat
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If you are looking for an eco-friendly baby hat, rather than a fast fashion alternative, then hats off to you. Just a little heads up, this article is a one stop shop for the best baby head top.

A lot of our body heat is lost through the head and not all babies are born with a beautiful head of locks. Whether you are looking to keep your baby’s noggin warm, protect them from the sun, or just match the rest of their outfits, keep reading and this best organic baby hat article will have something for you.

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Light Organic Baby Hats

Baby hat made of organic cotton.

You could search the world, and not find a better organic baby hat than this one from Monica + Andy brand. It is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex to give it that perfect, snug fit.

It has an average customer review of 4.9 out of 5, which is about as high as you can find. Not only hats, Monica + Andy sells a wide range of GOTS certified organic clothes, towels, blankets, and baby toys.

To buy this hat or shop the entire Monica + Andy collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Sun Hats

eco friendly baby sun hat

If you are headed to the beach or a picnic, you want to make sure your baby’s sensitive skin is covered with the best organic baby sunscreen. You also might want to also consider a cute organic baby sun hat for added protection.

This GOTS Certified 100% Egyptian cotton hat is made in a fair trade facility by one of our favorite eco friendly clothes producers, Under The Nile. Under The Nile is an extremely socially and environmentally conscious company. We discussed them in our best organic baby socks article if you would like to read about them in more detail.

If not, here are the cliff notes about Under The Nile brand:

  • They use 100% Gold Seal Of Egyptian Cotton in their products
  • They produce their products in a certified fair trade, woman owned facility
  • They grow their cotton on a self sustaining biodynamic farm
  • They try to uplift those in poverty around their farm

This hat has a 4.8 out of 5 average customer review, but comes in just two colors.

To buy this organic baby hat or shop the entire Under The Nile collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Winter Hats

baby reindeer hat made of 100% organic cotton

Imagine the cuteness overload when your most precious present is drooling under the Christmas tree, in their organic cotton reindeer hat. Just like Santa, Hanna Andersson always delivers.

Many organic baby clothes tend to be plain and a bit boring, but not with Hanna Andersson brand. They have, in our opinion, the cutest baby clothes in the industry. Not only do they have fun designs, with most of the characters from the most popular children’s franchises, but they also are an environmentally and socially conscious company.

Hanna Andersson uses GOTS Certified Cotton in all of their organic baby clothes. Through support in non-profits like Baby2Baby, they help support those in need during important times, like back-to-school and the holidays.

They are also part of the Kidizen REWEARâ„¢ Collective, which is a marketplace for consumers to find fashionable, second hand clothes. Hanna Andersson brand is built to last and should last more than the growth cycle of one kid.

Hanna also has many matching outfits for the whole family. If you are in need of adorable, yet cheesy, matching pajamas for the whole family, they have you covered.

If you want to buy this organic baby hat or shop the entire Hanna Andersson line, Click Here.

Organic Baby Bow Headband

Organic cotton headband for babies.

Not sure how to compliment your baby’s cute outfit with an accessory? A simple bow on top can complete any package.

These simple, bow tie headbands from L’oved Baby brand are made from organic cotton. They are also very affordable at under $10 for one or under $20 for a 3-pack, at the time of writing this. They come in a variety of colors to match any outfit.

To check the current price or shop the entire L’oved Baby collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Cowboy Hat

Howdy partner, we have your organic cotton baby cowboy hat here. Okay, maybe not what you were expecting. We were unable to find the, stereotypical, wide-brimmed, baby cowboy hat in an eco-friendly material.

This is the best we could so, but it should suffice if you want to bring your baby to a good ol’ fashioned hoedown.

Piccalilly is a UK based organic cotton clothes makers for newborns up to age 10. They are GOTS Certified and members of the Organic Soil Association.

If you would like to purchase this hat or shop the others offerings from the piccalilly collection, Click Here.

Organic Baby Baseball Cap

If you want to take your baby out to the ball game, Azure Canvas Organic Cotton has you covered, or your baby’s head at least.

We had to look long and hard for a good organic baby hat in the baseball cap variety. There are countless adorable, witty, baby baseball hats, but for some reason they choose not to think of the environment when choosing the materials to make them.

These are produced in Taiwan and can not be purchased on Amazon. If you want to purchase this hat you can find it on a website we were previously unfamiliar with, by the name of .

Organic Baby Hat and Mitten Set

If you want your baby to wear mittens to protect their face from scratches, but also want them to keep up their reputation as a fashion icon, Hanna Andersson has what you are looking for.

This 4-pack of matching organic cotton baby hats and mittens is relatively affordable ($27.00 at the time of writing this), and as mentioned above, your money goes to a fantastically ethical company.

There is a whole debate about the risk vs reward of wearing mittens. Team pro mittens doesn’t want their babies to scratch their face. Team no mittens argues that mitten use is sensory deprivation at an important developmental time. We won’t go down that rabbit hole here, but it might be something you want to research further.

If you want to buy this organic baby hat & mitten set, or shop more of Hanna Andersson, Click Here.

Best Organic Baby Hat Value

If you need a hat to match every outfit in your baby’s closet, Honest Baby brand honestly has the best deal. At $42.30 for a 10-pack that includes every color of the rainbow, this offers the best value on our best organic baby hats list.

These hats are 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton and reversible. Not only is it a fabulous value, the purchase will go to support a socially and environmentally conscious company.

Honest Baby was founded by Jessica Alba. They have donated over 25 million personal care products to those in need. Their employees are encouraged to roll up their sleeves to help causes important to them, and they have answered the call

At the time of writing this, their employees had donated over 18,000 hours to over 50 charities.

To purchase these organic baby hats or shop the entire Honest Baby collection, Click Here.


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