Honest Company Diapers Review- Are They Worth It?

Clean, conscious, diapers by The Honest Company. The Honest Company Diapers review.

When it comes to organic diapers, many brands settle for plain and boring designs. However, the Honest Company stands out from the rest with its adorable and eye-catching prints. In this Honest Company diapers review, we’ll take a closer look at what sets these diapers apart.

Made with sustainably managed wood and processed using a chlorine-free method, Honest diapers prioritize eco-conscious practices. They are free from latex, fragrance, and parabens, and the company never tests on animals. With a plant-based back sheet, these diapers offer a combination of comfort and sustainability.

But do Honest Diapers truly live up to their name? Founded by the renowned actress Jessica Alba, the Honest Company aims to provide simple and safe products for families. With a commitment to safety and transparency, they offer a range of baby products, home essentials, and bath and body items. In this Honest Company diapers review, we’ll explore whether Honest Diapers meet the expectations set by their reputation.

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Honest Company Diapers Features

If you are more of a visual learner, check out the Honest Company diapers review below:

  • Clean Conscious Diapers: Designed with safe plant-based materials for a gentle touch on your baby’s skin. Includes a wetness indicator to let you know when it’s time for a fresh diaper. Enhanced blowout protection and advanced absorption keep your little one dry and happy.
  • Stretchy Sides: Flex and strength to accommodate your baby’s wiggles and wobbles.
  • Quick Absorb Channels: Keep leaks under wraps, providing on-the-go dryness.
  • Quilted Bubble Liner: Draws wetness away from your baby’s skin, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience.
  • Diaper Duty Wetness Indicator: Convenient feature that lets you know when your baby needs a diaper change.
  • Plant-Based Materials: Made with sustainably harvested, totally chlorine-free fluff pulp, reflecting the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.
  • Chemical and Fragrance-Free: Chlorine-free, fragrance-free, and latex-free. Hypoallergenic design for sensitive skin. While there may be a slight chemical smell upon opening the package, it is not technically a fragrance and is common among disposable diapers.
  • Environmentally Considerate: The Honest Company uses wood pulp from sustainably managed forests for their diaper cores. Both the inner and outer layers are plant-based. However, it’s important to note that these diapers are not commercially compostable and should be disposed of in regular landfill waste.
  • Great Prints: Honest Company diapers offer a wide range of fun and charming prints. They regularly introduce new designs, and their classic prints have a timeless appeal.

Honest Baby Diapers Pricing

The price of Honest Company diapers vary slightly depending on size. At the time of writing this, the newborn diapers are priced at $29.67 for an box of 80, which works out to $.37 each. At this price point, they are one of the most affordable organic baby diapers we have reviewed.

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Honest Company Diapers Reviews

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Positive Honest Baby Diapers Reviews

“As a proud parent, I wanted to share my experience with the Honest diapers from YourOrganicBaby. Let me start by saying that these diapers have been a game-changer for us!

When my little one was a newborn, the Size Newborn diapers fit perfectly. The design was adorable, and the smaller size accommodated my baby’s weight perfectly. However, as my baby grew to about 7 1/2 pounds, we noticed that the diapers started to run a bit small for her. Despite this, I must say that the diapers were incredibly soft and comfortable for her delicate skin.

One thing that concerned me initially was the lack of transparency regarding the fabric used in these diapers. I believe in knowing what materials are in contact with my baby’s skin. Additionally, I noticed that after just one pee, my baby would become fussy and uncomfortable, indicating that she wanted to be changed. It’s essential to keep our little ones dry and content, so this was a slight drawback for us.

Moving on to the Size 1 diapers, we encountered some interesting findings. The different patterns seemed to have different fits, which was unexpected. The diapers with fall-colored patterns fit my little one perfectly, without any issues or drooping. However, the frog pattern didn’t wrap around her as well and tended to come apart at her hips, making them easier to come off. It’s something to consider when choosing patterns.

On the positive side, these diapers offered excellent blowout protection, which is a big relief for any parent. I also appreciated their absorbency, keeping my baby dry when she peed. Unlike other brands we’ve tried, these Honest diapers didn’t cause any rashes or stick to my baby’s skin. In fact, we didn’t need to use diaper cream with them, as they didn’t irritate her delicate skin like other diapers did. That was a significant win for us!

In terms of sizing, I did notice some inconsistencies. The newborn diapers ran larger than other brands’ newborn sizes, which was great for transitioning between newborn and Size 1. However, the Size 1 diapers ran quite small, so it’s essential to keep that in mind when making your selection.

All in all, these Honest diapers have become our go-to choice despite the minor sizing issues. They are clean, reliable, and offer great quality for the price. The adorable designs are a bonus, and it’s reassuring to know that they are safe for my baby’s delicate skin. I’m truly grateful to have found these diapers, and I highly recommend them to other parents looking for a trustworthy and comfortable option for their little ones.”

Negative Honest Baby Diapers Reviews

“As an actual user, I recently purchased Honest diapers for my baby, and I have mixed feelings about them. Firstly, I must say that the prints on these diapers are really cute and adorable, which caught my attention. However, I did notice that compared to other brands I’ve used, these diapers are smaller in size. For the price I paid, I honestly expected more.

One of the major factors I consider when choosing diapers is their absorption capacity. Unfortunately, Honest diapers didn’t perform as well in this aspect compared to other leading brands like Huggies. They didn’t absorb as much, and I found myself having to change my baby’s diaper more frequently. On the positive side, these diapers did have a wetness indicator, although it was sometimes difficult to see in dim light due to the prints.

In terms of fit, I have to agree with other reviewers that these diapers run small. I bought the size recommended for my baby’s weight, but they were snug and didn’t provide the expected coverage. This was disappointing because my baby is still within the weight range for that size, and I expected a better fit. On the plus side, the absence of any scent was a positive feature for me, as my baby has sensitive skin and we’ve had no issues with diaper rashes while using these.

One thing I can say is that the diapers are quite thin. While the designs are cute, I felt like I was paying more for the aesthetics rather than the actual quality of the diaper itself. I’ve used diapers that were more durable and had better performance overall.

Overall, I must admit that I had higher expectations for Honest diapers. While the cute prints and absence of scent were nice, the smaller size, subpar absorption, and thinness were significant drawbacks for me. In terms of practicality and functionality, I believe there are better options available in the market. I probably won’t be purchasing these diapers again, as I feel that there are other brands that offer better value for the price.”

Final Thoughts

Honest Company diapers showcase adorable designs that add a touch of charm to diaper changing. While there were some sizing concerns and occasional leaks, the diapers proved to be reasonably absorbent and gentle on sensitive skin. The wetness indicator, though sometimes hard to see, provided a helpful feature. Overall, the diapers delivered satisfactory performance, and their eco-friendly and stylish attributes make them a viable choice for parents seeking a combination of cuteness and functionality.

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